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workers change the world

workers change the world

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Australia Asia Worker Links was established in 1979 by activists who wanted to promote international workers solidarity.

Australia Asia Worker Links works to build international solidarity links between workers as the best means to develop and strengthen workers' rights in the Asia Pacific region.

aawl is in melbourne australia

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The aims of Australia Asia Worker Links, as part of the labour movement in the Asia Pacific region are:

To support workers in their demand for work, for a living wage, for health and safety, proper conditions, respect for human rights, and the right to organise in unions and take industrial action.

To support women workers in their demand for equal rights at work and in society, and the right to control their own lives.

To support indigenous people in their demand for land rights.

To promote international solidarity among workers by developing exchange programs, education projects and information networks.

To develop policies to advance the rights of workers, and promote respect for the sacrifices made by workers in their struggle.

To advance the idea of international solidarity amongst workers and trade unions as the best way to improve the living standards of all workers.

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workers change the world

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